Top 15 Graphs (and Images) to understand Feb 2017

Posted by Dara

If you missed previous editions here they are: Top graphs of 2016 | Top graphs of Jan 2017

At Growth Tribe we're obsessed with data. Here's a roundup of the top graphs and images that got my attention in Feb 2017.

1. This is how many days a year you have to run experiments

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2. It's official.. our attention spans are affecting everything

Yeah this isn't a graph, but this says a lot about us. Your clients, customers, visitors have very short attention spans.

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3. Big kids don't go outside anymore

Admit it... neither do you ;) This is what big kids do during their summer break.

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4. This guy tracked all his kids first words

uh-oh ... dada

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5.Words.. Stop complaining about your high Adwords have it easy

Some people have it much worse than you. These are the 10 most expensive Adwords keywords. Click on the link for the top 100.

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6. Running Facebook Ads? What's the best CTA?

Nice little use case where "Download" won.

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7. Speaking of ads, here is the state of global ad-blocking

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8. Here is the state of AI..

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9. Speaking of AI... Welcome to the world of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine

With a mere ten ‘likes’ on Facebook this input his model could appraise a person’s character better than an average coworker. With seventy, it could ‘know’ a subject better than a friend; with 150 likes, better than their parents. With 300 likes, Kosinski’s machine could predict a subject’s behavior better than their partner. With even more likes it could exceed what a person thinks they know about themselves.

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10. On another note.. this is the most beautiful chart in the world according to Bill Gates

Sometimes we forget that the world is getting better on many aspects.

11. Speaking of death.. this is what we died of 100 years ago versus today

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12. But THIS should scare the HELL out of everyone

This is a measurement of global sea ice area from 1978-2017. That last line in the middle is a huge irregularity. And that's 2017.


13. Is the EU economy back on track and aligned?

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14. Do you live in one of the most innovative countries in the world?

Here is the latest version of Bloomberg's annual Index

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15. And let's finish off with the fastest animals in the world

390 km/h holy sh** !

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See you next month!

Written by Dara