The World's Only Growth and AI Traineeship - Preparing the Next Generation of Talent for a Fast Changing World

Posted by David Arnoux

We just launched the world's only Growth and AI Traineeship, but what is it? and why does it matter? The world is changing fast, it’s exciting. Technology is driving the change and evolving the business landscape. But as technology drives change, in order to stay relevant we must keep up. Your skill-set must evolve in parallel with the change.


Are you prepared? Has university equipped you with the skills required? Is your employer investing in your continuous development?

Let’s see.

Do you know SEO? Email? SEM? Social Media? UX? UI? Prototyping? Funnel Marketing? CRO? AB Testing? HTML? CSS? Lead Gen? Content Marketing?


But how about Usability Testing? Engineered marketing? Experiment design? Web scraping? Landing page optimisation? Virality? Marketing Automation? Psychographic personas? Conversion centric design? Natural language processing? Image recognition? Predictive modelling? APIs? Regression analysis? Cluster analysis?

Yes!? Then you are absolute gold dust in the industry right now! Would you like a job?

Take what you like!


However, I’m guessing you probably have limited to no knowledge of most of these topics, despite the fact these are relevant now and will become increasingly relevant in the future.


The Digital Skills Gap

The problem is conventional education systems are failing at teaching you the skills required by employers, and employers simply can’t train staff fast enough to keep up…


Universities, for example, are great at equipping you with intellectual skills like critical thinking, effective communication and working independently. But the way Universities are structured is inherently sluggish when reacting to change, curriculums may not have been updated in 10 years!

It’s this increasing disparity between how fast employers can train/universities can adapt and the skills required by businesses that is creating a widening digital skills gap.

This is also why it’s now more important than ever to upskill fast, straight out of university and take personal development opportunities that will act as a catalyst for your career.


The Job Market is Changing

The job market is evolving so fast, that relying on a single, static skill set or confining it to your job title just doesn’t cut it anymore.  

A report published by the World Economic Forum on “Realizing Human Potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution” clearly states that individuals must take their education into their own hands if they want to stay relevant on the job market.

The shelf life of digital skills is dramatically decreasing!

All of us will have to adapt to new technology by continuously upgrading our competencies, or we’ll inevitably fall behind and become irrelevant. Or as ex Google VP, Sebastian Thrun, puts it:


“It’s a very simple instance of a law that is fundamentally true: Technology is moving so fast, that by definition when something becomes hot, the skill set doesn’t exist”

Sebastian Thrun, Ex-Google VP


To take it a step further, not only will you constantly have to adapt to the technological landscape, your job title (in the classical sense) will no longer be a big deal.

This WEF human capital report states that you’ll be judged on your skills rather than past experience. Employers will judge you based on your mindset, your potential and your capability of learning new skills.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 3.48.26 PM


Adapting Skills to a Changing Market

Think of yourself as a product you want to sell to employers, products are constantly refined and adapted to the changing needs of the market in order to stay relevant.

You must therefore be constantly refining and adapting your skill set in order to enhance your own value proposition.

Much like products, the relevance of your skill set changes over time, what is hot right now may not be in 12 or even 6 months!

Now, I’m not saying that all new skills you learn will become irrelevant, for instance, critical thinking, analytics and project management are ‘evergreen’ skills, but they are mature, the job market is saturated with these skills.

They are expected, not desired...


“When you come out of university you essentially have the same skill set as 100 of your peers. When you learn something specific you really differentiate yourself from your peers and give a reason for employers to look at your CV”


To set yourself apart, to become an A player, you want to focus on developing the most in-demand skills, the hot skills that businesses crave! To do this you need to first identify what these skills are, then actively look to learn and adapt your offering.

We developed the skills relevance curve below to illustrate this:

Skills Adoption Curve (1)

As you can see, much like a product, the relevance of skills changes over time.

The emergence of new technologies and processes creates a demand for skills that do not yet exist, at the point these are introduced and grow in relevance, they are most in demand.

At the point of maturity the market has often become oversaturated with these skills, referring back to earlier, they are expected, not desired.

An unnerving point to highlight here is that when students come out of university they are often equipped with a mature skill sets, despite being the workforce’s ‘freshest talent’!

Skills Adoption Curve

As you can see, the relevance of skills degrades over time, so to stay relevant we must adopt a continuous approach to development, we must become lifelong learners!

It’s also important to note that as technologically driven change intensifies, these skills sets are losing relevance in a shorter amount of time!

Now, the points highlighted may seem daunting at first glance, but the fast changing world we live in also presents exciting opportunities…

...for those with the hunger and desire to exploit them!


Announcing the World’s Only Growth and AI Traineeship

Okay, so what exactly is the world's only Growth and AI Traineeship?

Our Growth and AI Traineeship doesn't just teach you the most relevant up-to-date technical skills in only 6 months, it equips you with the mindset required to embrace lifelong learning and stay relevant long into the future!

Two years ago we launched Europe’s first Growth Hacking Academy, since then we have ran 6 growth academies, training 126 high potentials from all over the world. 98% of our students get a job during or right after graduation.

Most of them are still loving life at those very same companies.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 4.15.43 PM


We have now designed something new and unique!

 In this new Growth and AI Traineeship we will turn young talent into growth experts within 6 months sharp!

Successful applicants will be placed into a high-growth tech company for the 6 months, receive a competitive traineeship salary, and be guided by some of the best growth marketing expertise in the world!

The training will be fast-paced and hands-on, the Growth and AI Traineeship will expose young talent to an environment in which their development comes first. They will also get access to the Netherland’s fastest growing startup network.

For recent graduates looking to make their stamp on the industry or young professionals looking for the catalyst their career needs, this is invaluable!

Here is what successful applicants can expect:

  • 22 Days of hands-on fast paced training
  • 12 Days of contextual coaching from our growth experts on tech, A.I., experimentation and stakeholder management
  • 6 Sprints to work and execute your skills in a high growth tech company
  • Get hired and work in a fast-paced company or scaleup
  • Online coaching, support and peer to peer coaching on Slack. Join an active community of 1200 growth hackers!
  • 4 Scale up visits and a visit to Facebook HQ in Dublin!

You can check out the full curriculum here


"Most importantly the young professionals will be hired, they will gain real exposure to a real world working environment and learn the skills employers actually need!"

Peter van Sabben, CEO, Growth Tribe



Think you have what it takes? Ready to learn the latest tech growth and skills to future proof your career?

It’s time to take your education in your own hands, it’s time to start building competitive advantage for yourself!

Applications for the world’s only Growth and AI Traineeship are open now.


Written by David Arnoux