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Posted by Luke Johnson

Welcome back to Growth Insights, in this episode we’re looking at Social Media Marketing for Business, Instagram post scheduling & of course plenty more awesome tips, tricks and Growth Hacking tools!

We open up by looking at some handy resources for social media marketing for business, specifically, animated GIF tools that can really help bring life back to your feed for little effort. We also take a look at the Facebook algorithm changes that have recently been announced. Plus it’s finally possible to schedule Instagram posts as they have built an API so we examine some Instagram post scheduling tools. We also take a look at some AB testing tools, Invision prototyping tools, data visualisation tools and all the latest Growth Hacking and Marketing Trends 2018. For 2018.

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In the meantime, lets dive straight in!


Download our list of the best Growth Hacking tools you should be using in 2018!


Animated GIF Creation

Let’s start with something light and fun. We don’t have a lot of human power on Social Media and many businesses are the same. It's therefore important to reduce the time it takes to produce engaging content and increase the impact of that social media content. Animated GIFs can be great, engaging social content and with these tools, can be created in minutes!


1. Shout 7

This first tool we fell in love with last week allows you to create some social media gold in seconds. Shout 7 will allow you to create animated GIFs with ease (no design skills required). The tool reduces the time it takes to create so you can increase your output. The GIF below Luke made in under 3mins!


This tool is also great for prototyping, I made this one in 10 seconds flat to promote our new AI series which I’ll talk about in a bit...


Start making your own!



If you want to take it one step further and make your GIFS based on pre-existing videos that you have the check this one out, thanks to Rafaelle Gaito for sharing!

It’s super simple! Just paste a youtube URL, trim and create a gif in seconds.





Facebook changes

Speaking of social media, we’ve been obsessed with Linkedin this past year and also Instagram… but what about Facebook?  We have been surprised by the reduction in quality of Facebook feeds recently. We also felt our team was on the platform less and less. CTRs on ads aren’t going down but two recent reports do state that the feed is in trouble:

 This one stating that people are spending less time on Facebook is a worrying one and as a result, it looks like the platform is going to further the squeeze its been placing on pages over the last few years. Zuckerburg has announced that page content will become less visible as content from friends and family is prioritised to drive 'meaningful conversations', and what's probably more likely, drive more ads sales from businesses looking to increase reach!

This study from Gizmodo also states that yes, Facebook is indeed for old people! It would appear that the platform is bleeding younger users as they all migrate to Snapchat and Instagram. If that the case, it further supports the fact that business pages reach may be further crippled in the future as Facebook looks to attract and retain younger users less interested in your articles on SEO best practice and more interested by their best friends lunch snaps!

So, it may be time to start thinking about other platforms before we reach the age of shitty Facebook clickthrough rates (if the downward trend hasn't already begun). The behemoth that is Facebook will however be fine, they own WhatsApp, Instagram and messenger...





Speaking of Messenger, we talked about how powerful it was to build you messenger list with messenger chatbots in the last episode. Stefan recently shared Mailport as a tool which will allow you to build a MailChimp style email campaign, but in messenger itself! The best part is that it’s free to test for up to 1000 subscribers… and by then it should be worth paying for it.




Instagram update

They certainly took their time but it has finally happened, with a new API Instagram has finally allowed for post scheduling! Before they made you take a seriously long-winded approach and the best you could do was using third-party apps to set up a post and then set a reminder to post it directly from the mobile app.

One can't help but wonder though, will Instagram become as polluted as Twitter now the bots are sure to arrive? 


1. Later

Speaking of this, Job shared Later which will allow you to schedule your Instagram posts.

What do they offer different to Buffer or Hootsuite?

They allow you to schedule posts visually… which makes total sense for Instagram. The good thing is that they’re not too pricey!




1. Hype Auditor

Nobody likes a faker so thanks to Luke for sharing another Instagram tool. In the past we have used Twitter Audit to check if people have bought followers, it’s a great way to spot the cheaters! Now there’s a similar tool for Instagram!

Hype Auditor will allow you to separate the cheaters from the real deal.


Cold Email Outreach

Ok, let’s stop with social media, let’s talk emailing for B2B and B2C. Email is long from dead and many businesses we work with still get some awesome results from their campaigns. Below is a couple of tools that we use to really help our cold outreach shine in an email wasteland of repetitive noise!

1. Lemlist

Here’s an interesting new tool from Quentin. It’s a cold email outreach tool… what’s their USP? They allow you to personalise images and memes within the email. Hopefully, this will help you stand out from other cold campaigns, reduce banner blindness and increase your response rate.

Take it for a spin!



Here’s another nice share from Quentin, it’s a collection of cold email templates that are meant to be charming. Hope they provide some inspiration! Here is my personal favourite:

I wanted to get your attention by being witty, clever and interesting. Alas, I wrote this email instead.

Check them out here!



Yes, it's this topic again, but the May deadline is not far off! Now cold emailing might get a lot trickier or 'less legal' in May 2018, if you have European clients, that if you're in Europe, you probably do! We’ve been talking quite a bit about the GDPR and we also posted a beginner’s guide video to the GDPR a month ago.


1. GDPR Benchmarking by Microsoft

This free assessment tool from Microsoft is great to see if your organisation is GDPR-ready.

Just doing the assessment test is great to understand more about GDPR’s implications.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 3.49.20 PM



Design prototyping

Now let’s go a bit deeper into the user funnel now and talk product, specifically on the subject of prototypes. Many hifi prototypes are creating with Invision these days, but once you started testing these prototypes in the real world you also need to track results.


1. Maze Design

This handy tool adds tracking to your clickable prototypes in Invision in a very simple way! This makes it easier to step out of the lab and get some quantitative data on how beta testers use your prototype in the wild.

It adds heatmaps bounce rates, misclicks, successes and more...

Check out the Tool


Data Visualisation

Let’s talk about data visualisation, we love easily visualizing difficult concepts like segmented retention or CLTVs, out officie is plastered in charts from the pirate funnel to the periodic table of marketing skills!

What's more, data visualisation can make for great assets for social media and generally perform well in terms of engagement. You could even consider using this visual content to help you look like a champion in your next meeting.



1. AM CHarts

Thanks to Jim for this one it’s cool as hell!

AM charts allows you to create charts without code and they look awesome! They have a great library of demos


Artificial intelligence for business


On the subject of charts, this chart from Digital Banking Report was kind of mind-blowing for us, it reinforces what we have been saying for quite some time now. It appears that the responsibility of AI in business is shared between a healthy mix of CTO/CIO, marketing professionals and product owners, looks like it's not just for the techy people and the data scientists after all!


Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 4.36.14 PM-1


We have so much to share about AI recently from predictive modeling, to clustering and NLP to image recognition. This chart again proves how important it will become for marketers.

We have so much to talk about we actually started a new video series called AI insights.


1. Affectiva

Here’s another great one by Bernardo, with Affectiva’s technology it’s possible to get someone to watch one of your videos and use image recognition to see what types of emotions they are feeling.

Here’s Bernardo watching an M&M commercial...

Check out the tool!

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 5.00.04 PM (1)-1


1. deepomatic

Some of people we train have large e-commerce stores and they need to be able to tag images automatically using image recognition. Deepomatic allows you to easily tag your photos using its powerful AI, it has some pretty awesome demos so you can feel the tech yourself. The demos have stuff around real estate, fashion and interior decoration tagging.

Check out the tool!


The changing role of the cmo

At Growth Tribe we have been having the debate around the role of CMO's for some time now, is the traditional CMO role dead? How will it involve in the future? This very interesting article based on research by Forrester predicts that more and more CMOs will turn into Chief Growth Officers.

The consumer landscape has changed and it will continue to do so as we steamroll into 2018. Consumers are overwhelmed with choice and simple awareness campaigns and strong market presence is no longer enough, it's the consumer-centric, mobile-first (and A.I. first) brands that will win. As discussed in the article CMO's who can't adapt will be 'relegated' or worse, pushed out! All marketers must become more “data-centric, performance-oriented and transformation-focused”, this skills gap must be bridged. We no longer live in the age of big, beautiful campaigns. They are now merely a tactic used to support a broader growth strategy.

Now we work with lots of great CMO's from some awesome and successful companies and they are no dinosaurs, I guess they must be forward thinking to be taking one of our Growth Hacking or AI courses in the first place! The worry is for the CMO's more resistant to change, big brands like coca cola have made the step changing their CMO role into a Chief Growth Officer so it's only time until other companies follow suit, we would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below.


Evidence of the chief marketer’s expanded charge already abounds. Coca-Cola dissolved its CMO role in March 2017, folding brand marketing, customer experience and strategy into a CGO role.

Keith Johnston, Research Director, Forrester


Competitive Analysis

Now back to tools that help us work faster! Knowing your competitive landscape is vital to growth. Checking out competitors, discovering new competitors or just tracking companies we look up to is one of our pastimes here at Growth Tribe.

As Sun Tzu (Chinese General, Military Strategist and Philosopher) puts it:






If you know the enemy ...

you need not fear the results of a hundred battles










1. Serp Stat

Who has time to run week-long competitive analyses? No one! We’ve shared a lot of competitive tracking tools in the past episode and here’s a new one! It’s like SEMrush but a bit more accessible for beginners. 

Check out the tool!


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Google Dorks

Here is a nice little article you might want to check out about Google Dorks. These are Google searches that allow you to see hidden things like emails and hidden docs!


Product hunt

Job let us know that it's now possible to promote a product on product hunt! You must have already been hunted but it's a way to be re-hunted and featured (if you pay)


Stats on email

So this is an interesting article from yesware on email statistics. Worth a read if your serious about email and want to benchmark!

Written by Luke Johnson