Youtube SEO: 4 Tools For Higher Youtube Ranking in 2017

Posted by Dara

Did you know that 5 billion videos are watched every single day on Youtube? And that Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world ?

Youtube is a huge untapped traffic source for most marketers and it’s a lot less competitive than traditional SEO. Also, Google loves videos and will display them in search including rich snippets that can drive more clicks and raise awareness for your brand.

Fortunately, there are tools to help you get a chunk of this traffic and leverage the power of Youtube.

So let’s take a look at some tools that will help you rank #1 in Youtube!


1. Find the best keywords to rank on Youtube with Keyword Tool


Keyword Tool helps you get over 750+ long-tail keywords from YouTube Autocomplete by attaching the keyword that you type in the search bar with various combinations of words and and numbers. Like this...


Source : Twitter


2. Enhance video tags to rank higher with VidiQ

Tags are keywords that are intended to make videos more searchable or “related” (for video suggestions) on YouTube.
They help your videos get discovered in YouTube’s side bar in the “related videos” section.

VidiQ tells you which tags to include for discovery in the sidebar.

VidiQ also lets you spy on your competitors’ video tags.


Source: Singlegrain



3. Steal best practices and more from your competitors using Bird Song Analytics



Analysing your competitors is a super efficient way to find out what’s already working for your competitors and how you can leverage these insights to grow your audience and engagement.

Just type in your competitor’s the channel name and let Bird Song Analytics do the the work! You’ll get insights like these:


  • Your competitors' best time to upload to get liked
  • Your competitors' best day of the week to upload
  • Your competitors' best time to upload to get comments
  • Your competitors' best day to upload to get comments
  • How video duration affects viewing stats
  • How video duration affects engagement
  • Most used words in captions, etc.


Source : Moz


Automate checks to ensure you're following YouTube's recommendations with TubeBuddy

Ensure that your videos are setup correctly for best SEO results with TubeBuddy.

This tool suggests best practices, improvements and opportunities to beat your competition before you publish your videos.



Youtube is a huge untapped source of traffic for Marketers. Use those tools to boost your traffic from Youtube SEO and let the magic happen!


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Written by Dara