Content Marketing in 2018 - Trends, Tools & Tips for Growth Marketers

Imagine you live in a year in which an A.I. visual design tool exists that can create over 400 million banners in one day, resulting in a 100% increase in conversion rate. Welcome to 2018.

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How To Climb Out Of The Skills Gap You Are In

Recently graduated? Woop woop! Now that the party is over, you start thinking about your options and this vibe around the startup ecosystem is getting a hold of you. Pumped by innovations, digital marketing, and working in sneakers?

Bored by the thought of a corporate job?

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Growth Hacking is Not Magic, it’s a step-by-step Process.

The hard truth: Growth Hacking is not something magical.

So, if you imagine that just tweaking the color of your current piggy pink call-to-action for a fantastic barbie pink call-to-action will bring your company a crazy 30% uplift in conversion rate, you better think again.

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The World's Only Growth and AI Traineeship - Preparing the Next Generation of Talent for a Fast Changing World

We just launched the world's only Growth and AI Traineeship, but what is it? and why does it matter? The world is changing fast, it’s exciting. Technology is driving the change and evolving the business landscape. But as technology drives change, in order to stay relevant we must keep up. Your skill-set must evolve in parallel with the change.

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The Power of Predictive Analytics in Marketing

Predictive analytics in marketing is an exciting sphere of opportunity for the industry. If you're not using it, you should be! In this post, we will help you better understand the potential of the technology and take a look at the power of predictive analytics in marketing and why marketers should be taking note!

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GDPR for Marketing (Implications for Marketers)

We first mentioned the GDPR back at the beginning of 2017, now everyone's finally panicking about it! In this article, we will explore GDPR for Marketing and the implications for marketers. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that's going to land in May 2018 is the biggest data privacy shake-up for the past two decades - but what does that mean for marketers?

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How to Work Smarter Not Harder - Productivity Hacks (2018)

One of our core values at Growth Tribe is getting shit done! Execute, execute, execute! Now, we don’t normally talk about productivity but these productivity rules have been so vital to our success that I thought it worth a share!

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Social Media Marketing for Business, Instagram post schedule & more | Growth Insights

Welcome back to Growth Insights, in this episode we’re looking at Social Media Marketing for Business, Instagram post scheduling & of course plenty more awesome tips, tricks and Growth Hacking tools!

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My Very First Growth Hack

by luke

The first time I tried combining two different tools, I had a problem with a long sales funnel. It would take me 3-6 months from the first contact with a lead to converting them as a client of my digital agency.

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Academy #5 - Meet the Startups!

by Dara

Today, September the 4th, marks the kick-off day for our FIFTH 3-Month Growth Hacking Academy - a 12 week program designed to give our 18 selected future growth hackers the skills and experience they need to become growth experts!

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