Marketing Automation Tools, Content Marketing Tools & AI Content Creation - Growth Insights #4

Posted by Dara

Aaaand we’re back! Welcome to Growth Insights episode #4 - the series for which we have our team test the latest tools, tricks and tips and share the results with you. Want to stay ahead of the growth game? Then keep reading!

In this episode we’ll talk about influencer marketing, lead scoring, content creation with AI, video content, marketing automation tools, attribution, the data economy, spying on competitor email campaigns, and we’ll touch on how growth hacking has infiltrated the world of politics - we’re looking at you, Macron ;)

Stay tuned for a wealth of growth tools, black hat tactics and treasured resources, all here in the latest instalment of Growth Insights!

Let’s kick of with some pure ‘made-in-china’ black hat tactics - ever heard of ‘click farms’? Neither had we until we watched this video of a group of low-paid workers hired to generate traffic by clicking links on thousands of devices at one time.. Crazy right?

But now let’s continue with some tools..


Tool #1: Lumen5

Shoutout to Camiel from Kandoor for introducing us to this gem - we’ve been obsessing over it all week! Want to get into video but don’t have the resources? Lumen lets you transform blog posts and articles into beautiful videos within seconds - literally. Try it out!


Tool #2: Quuu Promote

Coming up with engaging content is one thing, but the distribution side of things can be a little bit trickier.. Thanks to Sujan Patel for recommending Quuu Promote!

Quuu is a tool that lets you promote your content to influencers. The influencers sign up, connect their buffer account to Quuu, and then get daily suggestions for social media - it’s a win-win for both parties!


Tool #3: Tube Buddy

If video is part of your content strategy, you’ll absolutely love this next tool. Tube Buddy is a FREE chrome extension that has a bounty of features to make optimising your Youtube a lot easier

SEO, thumbnails, social monitoring, keyword rank monitoring - you name it, Tubebuddy offers it. And did we mention it’s free..?


Growth Hacking and Politics.. Impossible right? Well not entirely..


Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected President of France, and his team used a growth hacking process, tools and techniques to secure the leadership of the world’s sixth largest economy - France.

We’re talking lead generation, lead magnets, conversion centric design, freemium models and bots.. Growth hacking has matured so much that it’s even made its way to the political sphere!


And now back to some tools..


Tool #4: Articoolo

Ferdi shared Articoolo with us a few weeks back and it’s become a top contender for our favourite tool of the month.

Articoolo is a tool that writes AI powered articles - all you have to do is insert a topic and wait two minutes while your article is generated. We tested this and published 10 articles on our blog as part of a bigger experiment, and no one could tell the difference!


And speaking about AI..


Article #1

Martech Advisor recently published an article stating 50% of all marketing jobs will be replaced by machine intelligence - scary, right?

But that isn’t entirely true. The article actually goes through which functions will be partially replaced by machine learning and which functions will be replaced completely.


Article #2

Bernardo, our in-house data scientist, shared this article that says there’s already a pretty wide gap in technical competency within companies. And it’s no surprise that this gap is even wider when it comes to data competence.

At Growth Tribe we’re often asked ‘what skill should I have if I want to get into growth hacking/marketing’ and the simple answer is that having data related skills will give any marketer a competitive advantage - so get on it now!


Now let’s take a look at one of our favourite playbooks we’ve come across over the past two weeks, sent in by Quentin.

Clearbit and Madkudu have brought a whole new level to automation! You can now identify a company based on its IP address, lead score it and then use Clearbit’s enrichment API to find the contact details of the best people to reach out to within a company.

A little bit expensive, but the process is fully automated and the result is amazing.


So you have the email addresses of the people you want to target - now what?


Tool #5:

With, as recommended by Thomas, you can spy on successful competitor sales campaigns. Use this tool to get as much ‘inspiration’ as you need..


Tool #6: Pixel Block

If you’re tired of salespeople checking when you’ve opened their emails - and yes, they do this - you might want to make use of this next tool.

Installing the PixelBlock chrome extension makes sure nobody can ever see when, how many times and even where you opened their emails.


Article #3

Another great share from Bernardo is this article that explains why ‘data is the new oil’. Data is already powering all sorts of services and products we couldn’t imagine our lives without - a new economy has been created, and the raw material is data.


Tool #7: Drift

We mentioned Drift a while back in our second episode, and they’re still kicking ass.

Their new Leadbot lets you funnel conversations to the right people on your team based on pre-written scripts. You step in when necessary and let the bot do the rest of the work.

Psst - you can also schedule meetings directly from Drift!


Tool #8: Madkudu

We’ve found this cool little tool that lets you calculate your monthly recurring revenue, or MRR. You can use it to predict your revenue stream!


Side note - are you totally overwhelmed by the wealth of tools that are out there?

So are we.


To help break down the mountain of tools at your disposal, check out this beautiful infographic that Ferdi shared with us last week. It gives you a great overview of the tools you should be using based on what you actually want to accomplish.


Okay, now for something a little more hacky..


Matthew Clementson from Hutoma shared his step-by-step playbook on how he scraped email addresses from The Next Web’s attendees list. Check it out - it’s a bit black hat but pretty cool.. Thanks Matthew!


Now let’s do some reading..


Andrew Chen, a favourite of ours(!), recently shared an email about his best articles, PDFs and resources. We’ve created a drive folder that you can access right here.


And if you’re too lazy to read the whole thing, here’s an interesting fact..

You don’t actually have to read books from cover to cover.



Planned Reading

With planned reading you make a conscious list, before you begin reading, of the goals you have, what you expect to learn from it and what insights you want to gain by the time you finish

This tactic saves you heaps of time, helps you stay focused and will ultimately aid you in remembering crucial information from the things you read.

Give it a shot!


Article #4

Ines shared this article with us on how long it takes to achieve good rankings on Google. As it turns out, just 22% of pages that rank in the top 10 on Google were created less than a year ago.

That means 78% of ALL pages that rank in the top 10 have been around longer than an year. And those that come in at the number one spot are almost 3 years old on average..


And now for a different ending to our usual ‘recommended reading’..


No book this time, we wanted to talk about Stanford’s newly published online content from their Startup School. It’s up on YouTube, it’s absolutely FREE and it’s full of jam-packed, high quality content.

The particular video we’re recommending this week is a guest lecture by Facebook’s VP of Growth in which he talks about retention. We suggest you watch the whole series, but start off with this one ;)


And that brings Episode 4 of Growth Insights to an end!

As always, if you have a suggestion for any tools, tips, articles or tactic you think we should include in our next episode, let us know below in the comments or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook!

See you next time!

Written by Dara