Tribe Expert Interview Series #2 | Harmen Visscher

Posted by Mila Zambrano

Ever wondered how Catawiki grew so fast?! 45000% in 4 years…!

Last week Thursday we hosted the 1st Growth Hackers Amsterdam Meetup at our brand new space, the Growth Tribe Campus. As if that weren’t special enough, we were also beyond ecstatic to welcome Catawiki’s CMO, Harmen Visscher. He managed to squeeze us into his packed calendar for the talk and even had time for a beer while talking with our applicants about tools and hacks.

In a jam-packed room, Harmen spoke about Catawiki’s early beginnings as a special object auction house, their growth strategy and the ability to enter new markets within a few days.

Before the meetup kicked off, we dwelled on the usual stuff we’re obsessed about: tools, metrics, skills and the next big thing in Marketing.


GT: What are the most important growth metrics at Catawiki?

Harmen: From an acquisition perspective, we are talking about the Cost Acquisition of a new user. Of course, on the other hand, retention and reactivation metrics. So what is the revenue a user is bringing in 30, 60, 90, 100, 180 days. It also comes back to the lifetime of a new acquired user.


GT: What do you think will be the next Big Thing in Growth Marketing?

Harmen: In general, but especially for Catawiki, as we auction 30.000 unique items with their own story each week, we focus on Content Marketing. But for us, I really think it could be even ten times as big as it is right now. From my perspective, it should be content marketing, so not being intrusive with paid media ads but more focused on high-quality content and engagement with potential new users.



GT: Which skills in the marketing realm do you consider to be the most important currently?

Harmen: It's really about people being Data-Driven, so being a little bit nerdy even, it's not about being really creative anymore but more about analysing.


GT: 3 tools you couldn’t live without?

Harmen: The main thing for me is the Google Analytics tool. Hotjar, to get more understanding, not only see the data but also the real behaviour. And last but not least, it’s really about things like the click data but you don't see the reason so with Usabilla we can get that feedback.


Written by Mila Zambrano