Growth Tribe 4: Meet The Start-ups

Posted by Esther Dalkmann

So we’ve recently kicked off our 4th Growth Tribe Academy, introducing 18 high-potentials to the world of Growth Hacking! This year six local start-ups have come on board to welcome our candidates in teams of 3, to grow their companies.

Travel, fitness, even home brewing, we’ve got startups from so many exciting different industries. What these startups have in common though is their insatiable lust for new practices and willingness to try something different. Let’s take a look at the future industry leaders our Academy candidates will be working with:


CAMARILLA - The world’s smallest social network!

Say bye to like, comment & follower hunting! Camarilla, just recently launched, has introduced the world’s smallest social network. 15 people, that’s how big your network on Camarilla will ever get.  

“Camarilla is about celebrating real friendship. Instead of a ‘popularity contest’ model (...)” says CEO, Constance Scholten.

Tired of the ‘popularity contest’ too? Check out the app!



Fitchannel launched its online fitness program just over a month ago (Dec 2016).  This fitness trajectory is fully online and supports you with one-on-one coaching with Mark Tuitert, Olympic gold medalist in speedskating.

But there’s more. Not only does the platform provide one-on-one expert coaching that you can follow in the comfort of your home, you also get access to healthy meal plans & cooking videos to push you through 8 weeks of fighting your inner monkey.

Already hearing Summer knock on your door? Sign up to this 8 week fitness program.


ONEFIT - All you can work out for everyone!

OneFit has set out to streamline the fitness industry! Their membership gives you access to 147 different gyms and studios in Amsterdam. Not sure whether you’re more into yoga or boxing? No need to wreck your brain over it, OneFit opens up doors to all sorts of activities. And the best thing is, they’re often more competitively priced than regular gym memberships that tie you down to 1-year contracts and that you end up never using. Not OneFit, cancel anytime you like!

OneFit just recently raised 850.000 EUR in funding from Dutch VC firm Peak Capital. Next on their roadmap: International expansion!

Does this sound like something for you? Check out the app here.


MiniBrew - The easiest and smartest beer brewing machine on the block!

When craftsmanship & technology meet to bring out the best in beer!

MiniBrew, founded by two Dutchmen in 2014, has made it its mission to  democratize the beer territory. “Our vision is to give everyone an experience where they can discover great tastes, become makers and collaborators by shaping the future of beer.” says the founding team.

Their beautifully designed and easy-to-use beer brewing machine connects to an app that accelerates the fermentation process (1 week), ensures taste bud parties in your mouth, and connects to you to other MiniBrew craftsmen around the globe.

Want to unlock your inner brewer? Check out the MiniBrew here!



Travel experiences with educational themes for meaning & happiness pursuers!  

Tripaneer was built by employees and has become the world’s leading platform for themed holidays. Yoga, Cooking, Martial Arts, Surfing, Meditation, Detox, Safaris, you name it. Tripaneer has it all in store for you.

The startup launched in 2014, and is meanwhile offering 3200 packages from over 2300 organizers in more than 250 destinations.

Need a hassle-free yet meaningful holiday? Check out their offerings.



Starting up in early 2016, Instant is a content management start-up revolutionising the landing page experience. As if raising €250.000 through crowdsourcing and interested tech-peers in Amsterdam isn’t impressive enough, Instant is also an alumni of the Rockstart Accelerator programme.

You want content tailored to your visitors that turns those visitors into customers? You got it. Offering an all-in-one Content Optimisation tool, Instant promises to make your life easier and will have you watching in awe as your conversion rates go through the roof!

Instant is like a Swiss Army Knife for content-related Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Stay sharp, check ‘em out here.


Looking for a growth team of three  to join your startup while learning from the best in Europe? We screen candidates to make sure we’re getting the best at our Academy. You could be training your future employees. Sign up for our next Academy in September 2017 here!

Written by Esther Dalkmann