Growth Marketing Tools, Techniques & Secrets for 2017 - Growth Insights #2

Posted by Dara

Welcome back to our Growth Insights series! In this video and blog series we'll take a look at the latest tools, techniques, trends, articles and more that have gotten our team and community all hot under the collar these past few weeks..

This episode is all about untapped channels, psychographic personas, growth hacking tools and of course a little bit of AI.

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Let’s kick off with some traffic generation channels! We know that channels decay over time, they become more expensive and saturated as consumers develop a stronger attentional filter. So we’re always on the lookout for fresh new channels to experiment with - let's look at a few:


Snapchat Geofilters 

..are pretty new on the scene so they’re still quite virgin. We’re testing this exciting new development in house this week so expect an update on how we got on in the next episode. While you’re waiting though, here’s a full guide to get you started on creating your own geofilters


Influencer Marketing

Arron, Steph and Bob, three of our 3-Month Academy participants that are working with Tripaneer have recommended this channel that’s definitely worth testing. Influencer marketing is basically where you leverage the network of people that are influential on social media - so easy to do and so effective!

The guys at Tripaneer tested out a bucket load of these ‘pay to play’ influencer marketing channels but Revfluence came out as the winner. They have strong ties with the influencers, give you audience data on the influencers and they map out what stage of the relationship you’re in. What’s also great is that you control the content, so you can include a retargeting pixel in the content you share.

Bonus: another platform that works really well is



Here’s something you might not have thought of before - paying to be in newsletters! Thomas - another one of our 3-Month Academy participants working with Minibrew - recommended if you want to explore this channel.

Thomas also recommended this action packed short video by growth hustler and Appsumo founder Noah Kagan about untapped channels for 2017. In it he talks a bit about:

  • free software as a lead gen and building small tools to grab emails
  • paid marketing on untapped channels - reddit, craigslist, instagram ads from influencers
  • acquisition as marketing - buying small failing startups from Product Hunt that have HUGE email lists

Watch it!


Tool #1:

If you’re still keen on running PPC and want to optimise, Mark Studholme - co-founder - uses to improve the performance of his PPC campaigns. This has led to a 500% increase on ROI according to Mark!

Now once you get those visitors to your website or app, it’s important to respond as soon as possible. Here’s a nice little study done by Drift itself on the average response time of teams to sales leads.. where do you rank?

As you can see it’s kind of painful - the majority of companies take way too long to respond. If you’re one of these companies then maybe it’s time to look into live chat, which brings us to our next tool..


Tool #2: is probably the best live chat tool that Jim has seen on the market so far - and we’ve tried them all. No seriously, I think we have.

Drift is great for a number of reasons, one of which being it’s ‘live view’ that lets you see which companies are visiting your website in real time. The other feature we truly love is the automatic response bots that give you some extra time to answer and it usually sends customers to the right person or department.


..And speaking of bots..


Tool #3:

Flowxo lets you create chatbots without any code. They have integrations with all of the major platforms like Messenger, Slack, SMS, Telegram - you name it and they probably have it.


Tool #4

Want those leads to convert faster? Try adding some of Cialdini’s principles. Namely social proof and scarcity - also known as FOMO; the Fear Of Missing Out., through a very simple script, allows you to create some virtual scarcity to your website - just like does!


Okay let’s do some essential reading..


I hope you have customer personas, but how refined are these personas? Take a look at this article by ConversionXL to find out how data-driven marketers are using data to create ‘psychographic personas’ - that’s even richer personas based on behaviour, context, and even some times based on personality types..

By the way, some argue that similar personas were used to target specific people by Cambridge Analytica which may have helped Trump get elected in the last US Presidential Elections despite having a smaller budget than Hillary Clinton. Check out this article from Scout, and this one from Vice to make up your own mind.

Bonus: Want more information about psychographic personas? Watch this 10 minute video.. It’s scary as heck.


Machine Learning

Last time, we recommended this really cool course on Machine Learning from Coursera. This week, Jeddi Mees let us know about this even more fast-paced and entertaining introduction course to machine learning - check it out!


Are you ready for the buzzword of the month…?


The ‘Uncanny Valley’

This is something we’ve heard about on Sam Harris’s podcast. The Uncanny Valley refers to that weird stage when a robot looks enough like a human to look real but not enough that you feel comfortable around it - it’s super freaky!


Let’s talk articles for a minute..


Article #1

Jim’s favorite article this week was one on Slack and Automation. It covers all of the automations that Slack uses to make your work life more automated and faster


Article #2

An important tool for any marketer is knowing how to run SQL queries to uncover insights from your data. Not sure why you should bother? Thomas from our Academy shared this article about How One Single SQL Query Made Thousands in Just 15mins.


Now back to tools..


Tool #5

Here’s Quentin’s favourite tool from the past week - This is an inbound marketing automation software powered by AI that helps businesses attract more visitors, create a larger pipeline and foster engagement that leads to closing more deals.


And now for a book!


For the first time ever we’re going to recommend a book we haven’t read yet. But the authors are so legit we'll recommend it anyway. Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown are launching their new book named 'Hacking Growth' soon - you can pre-order it here and we promise you it’s gonna be great!


A wild ‘shameless plug’ appears..


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That’s it for this episode - thanks a lot for listening! We will have another action-packed session coming out in the next two to three weeks so make sure to subscribe on YouTube to keep up to date on all things growth.



Written by Dara