How To Generate Leads using Twitter

Posted by David Arnoux

Why generate leads using twitter ?

In this article we'll show you how to generate leads using twitter...

If you are beginning a lead generation campaign, generating leads on Twitter can be a great place to start experiment with. We'd argue you should be able to test this idea out in 2 weeks or less. Knowing how to pull leads from the conversations that occur on this platform requires some knowledge and exercise but thanks to the niche audiences and communities that take part in Twitter chats, it's an excellent place to generate leads for your business. You will find business- and topic specific chats that relate to your industry in the wide-ranging library of existing Twitter chats. This could help you to pull the leads you need to your business. This is what I get after a simple keyword search on Twitter:

Tip: "Jump into the conversation. Ask and answer questions with contributions which are insightful and illustrate your knowledge of the business as well as your business offerings."

Here is how to generate leads using Twitter

When you are participating in a chat, research other participants who've retweeted the conversation or have participated in the entire chat. You can also simply research people who have retweeted a certain tweet even without taking part in the chat.

generate leads using twitter

Tweet with these contacts outside the chat and, when the time is right, direct message them to share extra links to content or advertising materials you've which will further create your expertise and what your business can offer them. Wait around for the right time in dialogue to message someone about the business offerings.

At any time you concentrate on developing the right connections throughout your Twitter chats, you are certain to collect leads. On another note LinkedIn is also a great channel. Linkedin Groups are made up of the wide range of subject areas, bring together professionals of comparable interests to discuss subjects that relate to business. Check out this video where we can explain some cool Linkedin tricks. Again, you will find possible contacts from both creating your very own LinkedIn Group or by joining a current group that focuses on the area of expertise. Identify group members who constantly ask questions regarding your line of business or members who're usually looking for help.

Written by David Arnoux

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