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Analytics Translator: The Must-Have Job for 2019

The future of jobs is changing. The Analytics Translator will be one of the most in-demand roles in 2019 and beyond.

But what is it? And why does it matter?

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Mastering Mass Personalisation with Artificial Intelligence

We know that personalisation is a powerful way of influencing consumer behaviour.

But a few years ago, the generation of personalised content used to require much more effort on the companies' side.

Now, the increased availability of artificial intelligence for business combined with marketing automation made sophisticated segmentation less costly and faster to implement.

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AI vs Machine Learning: What’s The Difference?

AI vs Machine Learning. If you’re wondering what the difference is, then you’re certainly not alone.

We’re going to take a look at the definitions of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning, and finally settle the AI vs Machine Learning debate.

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