Academy #5 - Meet the Startups!

Posted by Dara

Today, September the 4th, marks the kick-off day for our FIFTH 3-Month Growth Hacking Academy - a 12 week program designed to give our 18 selected future growth hackers the skills and experience they need to become growth experts!

This year, six unique startups have come on board to work alongside our candidates and achieve the growth they desire. Coming from a number of backgrounds and fields, our startups represent industries like health, fitness, fintech, event management, design.. the list goes on!

However different in product and practice, all our startups are keen to learn how to implement the growth process and develop the growth mindset necessary for rapid experimentation and rapid execution.

Let’s take a look at the startups our Academy bunch will be working with..


Auverture is a new, curated online space created by Bibi van der Velden in 2016. Specialising in highly sought-after designer jewellery, Auverture gives a platform to a new wave of designers across the globe.

If you’re after artisan pieces with a unique twist, Auverture is the online retailer for you.


Cally is an easy-to-use tool for finding the ideal date and location for your group event. Bowling trip, a date at the cinema or a quiet drink at a local dive? has you covered!

Founded in 2015, is visited more than 60 million times a year. And with nearly 7 million events created so far, Cally’s plan to become the go-to app for group events is well within reach.

Simplify your social life and get involved now - we already have!


Fitchannel. Want to get fit from the comfort of your own home? Intimidated by the gym and the unnaturally fit creatures that lurk within..? Then Fitchannel might just be what you’ve been searching for..

Fitchannel is a fitness platform that offers top quality personal training to it’s users via their laptop, tablet, phone - whatever their preference of screen! Taking part in the Academy for the second time, Growth Tribe are excited to join the online fitness revolution again - are you? 


House of Einstein is an ecommerce startup that takes the hassle out of shopping for men of all styles. Want the perfect wardrobe without the trip to the store? Just complete an intake survey and have a box of expertly chosen clothes sent straight to your doorstep.

Founded in 2012 by Mei Ling Tan & Jantien Herfst, House of Einstein aim to become Europe’s most personal online retailer. Our growth hackers have already been experimenting with the platform - we’re excited to see what the Academy participants can do!


SRXP is a Dutch market leader in expense management. Specialising in an expense reporting software, SRXP offers a smart solution to “one of the most complained about administrative tasks”.

Already used by over 2000+ companies in 90+ countries, SRXP has in it’s short lifespan also snapped up a win at the Dutch Fintech Awards 2017.


Viisi was set up in 2010 by a team of four with a passion to revolutionise the financial advisory industry. Offering customised mortgage solutions for academics and expats, Viisi is on a mission to make the financial world more sustainable.

Seed funded and led by passionate financial practitioners, we’re super excited to see how much growth Viisi achieves within 12 weeks!


Looking for a growth team to develop your startup while learning from Europe’s #1 Growth Hacking Academy? Sign up for our next Academy in February 2018 and you could be training your future employees.

Written by Dara