The 3 Most Powerful Ways to use Videos for Retargeting

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Video has taken online marketing by storm – more and more marketers are becoming aware of this powerful content format and are quickly hopping on board the video trend. But you'll have to do more than just producing videos to realise its full potential.



Why should you be using videos you ask? According to Adobe, shoppers that view videos are 1.81 times more likely to purchase than non-video viewers. Using Videos for your retargeting campaigns can therefore be very effective and offer you to target a bigger audience and get the most out of your video content. Not only Facebook offers awesome Video Retargeting techniques, awesome results can also be achieved with Wistia and YouTube, which we introduce later on.

Check out some of the best use cases for using videos in your retargeting campaigns:


1. Facebook VideoAds Retargeting


In my experience, video ads on Facebook offer a much lower CPM due to the high engagement rate and relevance score. They are simply more likely to get greater engagement on Facebook because of their visual power. This can be a very cost effective way to reach a much larger audience and can significantly increase awareness and the effectiveness of your retargeting campaign. As usual, this especially applies when using highly relevant and engaging video material, resulting in lower CPVs and CPCs.


The more engaging your video content is, the cheaper are your Cost per View and the higher is the effectiveness of your whole Retargeting Campaign


Which Audiences should I select to target new interest groups?

When selecting the Audiences for the video content and you’re aiming for a completely new target audiences (and therefore cold prospects at the beginning of the funnel), it’s recommended to select lookalike audiences or target groups based on interest while excluding existing fans and leads.


How can I select Video Viewers as a target Audience for Retargeting?

Luckily Facebook enables us to retarget a target audience depending on their engagement on Facebook, including video views. Simply create a new Custom Audience and select “Engagement on Facebook” and in the next Step “Video”.


You can choose between 3 or 10 Seconds, or 25, 50, 75 or 95 Percent View Time of your Video Content. When choosing the View time, a longer watching time indicates a higher interest and engagement and therefore a higher probability that the audience will interact with your further steps in the funnel.



Unlike in other Retargeting Options we can even select 365 days of previous engagement. You can select as many videos as you wish.


What kind of campaigns can be considered to warm up your leads in the funnel?

For the next steps in the funnel and to warm up your leads, it’s effective to use lead magnets (E-Books, E-Courses, Guides, Reports, Free trials and so on). This can be used in combination with Facebook LeadAds to cheaply collect the prospects e-mail addresses and set up a series of transactional emails with educational content and special discounts to make the most of the engagement. But also, a series of other video content posts can be very efficient.

The CPL for an email adress can be even below 1€ for retargeting campaigns of video engagement


Bonus Tip: Get free Page likes by Inviting Post Engagements to like your Fanpage.

Facebook offers a feature to invite everyone who liked your video post to also like your facebook page. This feature enables you to easily take advantage of the cheap engagement created by using video content. Simply use the Adverts Manager to select the Video Ad and click on “See post” in the top right area. In the next Step, click on the Likes and start inviting everybody. You want more? Start writing a message to everyone who has been tagged on the video or who commented. Make the most out of it!



2. E-Mail Retargeting with Wistia Turnstyles


Wistia offers a very cool feature to collect qualified email addresses called “turnstyles”. These are basically overlays which are shown before the video starts and where users can fill in directly their email address or other data.

You can set up an integration with your favourite email provider or CRM (Mailchimp, Hubspot, …), also there’s an option to prevent the overlay to be shown to existing users (cookie based) and for some customisation.

Once you collected the prospects email addresses, it’s time to warm those leads up with appropriate measures, for example an email drip campaign. You can also upload those email addresses to Facebook as an audience and retarget them there.


3.YoutubeAds Retargeting with Adwords

With Connecting your Adwords and Youtube account you can target everyone who already viewed your videos on Youtube and has therefore shown interest in your product or service.


How can I link Youtube with Adwords?

To do so, sign in to your YouTube channel and follow these instructions. Once the Connection is set up, you can log into Adwords and create a new Audience in Shared Libraries -> Audiences.


How can I select my Youtube Subscribers / Viewers as an Audience?

To do so, you’ll need to create a new Remarketing List and select from a variety of engagement features in the next step, starting from targeting anyone who visited any video to a specific video.



Next, create a new Campaign and select “Video” there. You can choose from a collection from different Ad Formats, if you simply want to show short video content before the actual video starts (skippable or non-skippable), simply select Instream Ads. For the Video targeting, select “Remarketing” and pick your previously created Remarketing List.

Next time someone who watches any video on Youtube, he will see your Videos first. Make sure to make the most out of it by selecting appropriate CTAs in the Video.


Can I also target other Channels or Competitors?

It is also possible to directly target your competitors videos or those from matching channels. To do so, you can add the channels as placements in the video targeting section.



Final thoughts

By following the above-mentioned strategies, you can ensure to get the most out of your video content.

Do you already use videos for your retargeting campaigns? What do you think of the results? Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in comments.


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