A Big Thank You To Growth Tribe’s Expert Power-Session Speakers



BOOM! Our 1st Growth Tribe Academy came to an end within a blink of an eye. The experience was amazing both to us and our participants. Energy was sky-high, motivation never fainted and group dynamics were uplifting! Not to mention all the wins we gained for the participating startups…

Evening sessions were part of our curriculum. We brought in experts from all fields…18 individuals & duos came over to make their kick-ass knowledge & skills available to our participants…So here’s a big shout out…

See what we were up to in the evenings, what we learned and who the masterminds were teaching us.


Bob Jansen – Experiment Design 

Bob Jansen EDITED

Designing experiments is a cornerstone of any effective growth hacking process. Bob Jansen (founder of Firmhouse and the Lean Startup Circle) is one of the greatest lean thinkers and experiment design experts in Europe. Firmhouse works with innovation managers & entrepreneurs to bring ideas to first market traction. We design and build the first version of your product to test customer demand. We were extremely grateful to have him come in to share his experience, tips, tricks and knowledge. Bob has coached and worked with hundreds of startups, entrepreneurs and corporates.

Some of the key takeaways:

  1. Dealing with founder / team bias is super important. → planning fallacy – confirmation bias – selection bias – premature optimisation – premature scaling
  2. The six characteristics of good hypothesis: Simple and Unambiguous.Measurable. Describe relationship. Cause and effect. Achievable. Falsifiable
  3. Take time when creating an experiment. A few notes on the corner of a word doc isn’t enough. Like witFirmhouse logoh many things we do…”Garbage in = garbage out.”
  4. If you can’t FAIL you can’t learn.

Thanks Bob & Firmhouse!


Daria Nepriakhina – UX Design Principles

daria EDITED

Daria Nepriakhina was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to educate the students with her incredible insights on customer empathy and customer journeys. Daria is the founder of IdeaHackers where she helps corporates and startups develop products & services fast and efficiently using Validated Learning (Customer Discovery and Development, iterative approach, setting up measurable experiments, MVP’s & “smoke” tests). She’s an expert in Persuasive Design and User Experience.

Some of the key learnings we had with Daria:

  • You should think about the whole customer journey
  • Your customer is a laaazy b*****, don’t make him think
  • Persuasive Principles
  • Customer Journeysideahackers logo
  • Setting up measurable experiments

Thanks Daria & IdeaHackers!


Wouter de Vos & Benjamin Udink ten Cate –  MeteorJS

Codeaisseur EDITED

We were delighted (like seriously) to have the Codaisseur team come in to coach some of our more advanced coders. To give you some context Wouter de Vos and Benjamin Udink ten Cate created the Codaisseur academy which offers web development traineeship with job guarantees. It’s kind of a magical deal and they are a magical duo. Wouter and Benjamin gave a workshop on one of the popular javascript frameworks MeteorJS. This was a great way to show that you can rapidly created apps and tools for Engineered Marketing efforts. The students started working on a “Growth Hacking Grader” tools which tests your growth hacking skills then gives you an overall score.

Some of our key learnings:

  • How to use and setup git, git workflows and branching strategies
  • Advice on how to setup MeteorJS applications
  • Helping out with our own Meteor appscodaisseur-square
  • Implementing APIs with scraped data

Thanks Wouter, Benjamin & Codaisseur!


Khalil Seyedmehdi – Segment Workshop

khalil EDITED

Khalil Seyedmehdi came to give an amazing workshop on how to implement segment.com. Khalil is a rockstar, one of the most humble yet uber-intelligent guys out there. He co-founded Publitas almost 15 years ago and is now diverging his attention to koopeenkoe.nl, koopeenkip.nl and koopeenvarken.nl. An AWESOME concept that allows users to collectively buy a cow/chicken/pig directly from a farmer. Once 100% of the animal is bought it’s taken to the butcher and prepared for consumption.

Our key learnings:

  • Session vs. User centric tracking – it’s as easy as installing a snippet
  • All those tools out there will make you lose sight eventually. Segment is the one tool that enables you to integrate them all. Send your data to segment and have it translate it to all your other toolsDEF_LOGO_KOOP_EEN_KOE
  • Every step and detail needed to install semgent.com

Thanks Khalil & Koopeenkoe.nl!


Sophie Galante – Database Querying

Sophie Galante EDITED

Did you know that more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race? Did you know that database querying sounds difficult and technical yet anyone can do it? Sophie Galante took time after a full day as Data Scientist at Booking.com to teach us how to query databases. The session was so awesome that students had full energy until late into the evening.

Some of our key takeaways:

  • 73% of organizations have already invested or plan to invest in big data by  2016…
  • Anyone can learn database query language, it’s just a matter of dedication like learning any other language.
  • Just like growth hacking, database querying is one of the skills of the future.booking-com-logo

Thanks Sophie & Booking.com!


Alice Corona & Jurian Baas – Silk (Data Visualization & Data Journalism)

silk.co EDITED

Silk.co’s workshop was mind blowing! The Amsterdam based startup is a data publishing platform with the vision of being the next Youtube for data. Alice and Jurian showed us how we could turn huge excel sheets into beautiful and interactive websites. Every row in a spreadsheet gets converted into a datacard. We’re convinced – this is the future of data! Silk.co allows you to build data stories including visualizations, text, images, etc.

Here’s how:

  1. Create your dataset
  2. Clean it up
  3. Visualize your data
  4. Publish your datastorysilk.co

Check out our demo: tribedemo.silk.co

Thanks Alice, Jurian & Silk.co!


Martijn Scheijbeler & Julian Aijal – SEO


You wouldn’t expect SEO experts to say “Write for your user not the search engine”. Well, that’s probably exactly what makes Martijn and Julian from The Next Web so successful. In their workshop they teached us all SEO insights we can use for our growth hacking projects. These guys know their stuff!

Key takeaways from this session where:

  • If you’re just starting with content, start with small articles to see what works. You can write big content later.
  • Beware of black hat techniques and Google penalties. It might seem tempting at first but it will kick you in the butt later.
  • Moz is still your best SEO friendThe-Next-Web-logo
  • They showed us great tools like SEM rush and Screaming Frog
  • Search consoleStart with web analytics before SEO
  • Write for the user not for the search engine

Thanks Martijn, Julian & TNW!

Thomas – Spaceship.rocks – Lead Generation

Spaceship EDITED

The awesome team from Spaceship.rocks came in with their amazing tool. They ran us through the process of scraping twitter to generate lists of leads. They’re actually moving towards becoming a full-service lead-generation company now, using their own tools to generate targeted leads for their clients – sweet!

Product Demo:

  • Export thousands of Twitter users based on what they tweet about, who they tweet at or even all of your competitor’s followers.
  • Then use our crawler and turn your exports into an endless list of e-mails.spaceship_text_inbo_2000x700
  • Be awesome

Thanks Thomas & Spaceship.rocks!


Olivier Karg- Virality & Referral Programs

Olivier Karg EDITED

Olivier Karg is another one of the young high-achievers that visited our academy for a talk. He’s one of the best growth hackers of The Netherlands and is currently growth hacking for clients such as Justdiggit, Randstad and Philips.

Olivier taught our students and us the most important aspects of referral marketing and virality.

Some of our key takeaways:

  • Test the incentive before you test the effectiveness of your referral program
  • Reasons people share: to look good, to feel good, to teach, to connect, to convince and to get stuff. Make you cater to these needs
  • Remind your advocates on the status of their referrals

Thanks Olivier!


Guido Jansen – CRO for E-commerce

Guido edited

Guido has a busy life giving talks all over the world about CRO and growth hacking for Euroflorist. Yet, he found a way to clear some time off his schedule to teach us some of his favorite persuasion design tricks. Guido has worked for a huge variety of companies, making him the real deal when it comes to conversion rate optimization. He shared his insights with us on cognitive biases, golden rules of A/B testing and persuasive design.  

Some of our takeaways:

  • E-commerce conversion rates suck! (no direct feedback, no sensory, commitment to cart, etc.)
  • 6 Weapons of persuasion to beat e-commerce handicapEurofloristLogo
  • Framing can make all the difference when it comes to e-commerce

Thanks Guido & Euroflorist!


Daniel Spijker – Facebook Ads

Daniel Spijker EDITED

Not only is Daniel an avid Vinyl collector, he also happens to be a head of Client Partner relationships for Facebook. What does this mean? It means he helps “world-conquering startups” to use Facebook advertising as part of their growth and sustainable business strategy. He gave us incredible insights into how Facebook views it’s ad platform and insider tips on the future of Facebook.

  1. Interest-Based Audiences: Likes Coldplay, Likes music, Recent home buyer, In-market for new car, Likes games
  2. Custom & Lookalike Audiences
  3. fb-logoFacebook Pixel for website conversions
  4. Set clear growth goals ; Build a targeting model ; Build & test good creative content; Install the FB SDK & pixel to measure conversions, installs, app events etc., Test and optimize your campaigns.

Thanks Daniel & Facebook!


Thomas Stegelmann – Process Hacking

Thomas Stegelmann EDITED

You could call Thomas Stegelmann Adidas’ “enfant terrible” – in a terribly good way! Thomas worked for Adidas for 4 years and his rebellious mind moved mountains for the clothing & sports giant! He was in the original team which built the whole E-commerce branch of Adidas. What started as a small “startup” style team is now a huge success. Our students we’re blown away by the inspiration coming across from Thomas. Just recently he founded Shots of Shops. A platform that allows you to understand how other e-commerce companies are marketing their products. The company is launching in February – no doubt they’ll succeed!

Some of our key learnings:

  • Make friends with the dev team
  • Dare to swim against the stream
  • The more you can code the less you’ll depend on othersScreen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.15.02
  • It’s ok to bend the rules if the main goal is growth and testing

Thanks Thomas & Shots of Shots!


Ruben Nieuwenhuis – The Journey to Success

ruben new EDITED

Ruben Nieuwenhuis, the man behind Startup Amsterdam, offered us some of his very valuable time. His session was super inspiring. Ruben is a serial entrepreneur who has now shifted his attention to strengthening Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem. DutchBasecamp, one of his initiatives, focuses on connecting the startup ecosystems of Silicon Valley & The Netherlands – go Ruben! And as if it wasn’t enough, he’s also pushing initiatives to get kids coding. CodeUur is on a mission to make coding part of the Dutch primary school curriculum. All in all, awesome!

Some of our key takeaways:

  • Connect yourself to people who can mentor you, but make sure you have something to put on the table for your counter partner
  • Be loyal to yourself only!
  • Educate yourself! People like interesting people. Make sure you have good conversation. Brush up on the startup amsterdamnews, art, travel…

Thanks Ruben & Startup Amsterdam!


Stefan Bary – Peak Capital – VC Funding


Stefan Bary came in on one of the last weeks of the academy to tell us his secrets on negotiations, funding and working with VCs. He’s one of the partners at Peak Capital (whom we’re proud to call our partners) and has built up a legacy as a Venture Capitalist.

Some of our key takeaways:

  • To be a unicorn is luck, the rest is HARD work
  • Technology has become a commodity. Capital can easily buy technology. The real game-winner is market share and distribution.
  • A great list of ethical negotiation strategies
  • An even greater list of creative negotiation tactics
  • Create trust & intimacy with your VCpeak logo
  • Expect the worst in negotiations and create decision trees for “what-if” scenarios

Thanks Stefan & Peak Capital!


Kees van Nunen – Lean & Startups in general

kees BIG

Kees, aka Lean Jesus, one of the initial founders of Growth Tribe paid us a visit to talk about Lean and startups in general. Kees is the no. 1 Lean Evangelist in The Netherlands. He founded Value First in 2014 and has since been helping startups, accelerators, growth companies and corporates with accelerating their innovation-, product-, marketing- and software teams. Some call him the “walking manual of lean and agile methodology”.

Some of our key takeaways:

  • Startups are no cakewalk & far from sexy! It is f*cking hard work
  • Ask yourself everyday: what do I need to learn today to be successful tomorrow
  • Vanity Metrics are bullshit. Stop lying to yourselfvalue first logo
  • Retention is often king

Thanks Kees & Value First!


Ebel Slijp – Video Content


This one was special for us! At an age of 22, Ebel has founded multiple companies and, as it seems, there’s no stopping him. His company Refreshworks is specialised in video content and counts Rabobank, Qmusic and Sony Music as his clients. Did you know that Youtube is the no. 2 (next to Google) search engine out there? Why? ‘Cause people are visual thinkers! Video is the best piece of content out there to tell your story but also the most difficult to get right.

Our key takeaways:

  • Video is booming, do something with it!refreshworks logo
  • Just like with anything, you need a killer distribution strategy to make your video content successful
  • FORMAT everything!!

Thanks Ebel & Refreshworks!


Nikky Hofland – Customer Development & Mobile Growth

Nikkie Hofland EDITED

Nikky came in after her sabbatical to teach us about Mobile Growth and talking to customers. She’s a young entrepreneur that started her founder career at Sanoma Ventures. She founded the uber-addictive Swipe & Shop app, “the Tinder of clothes”.

Apart from that, Nikky swears by The Mom Test (Customer Development book) and made sure we all now do too.

Some of our key takeaways:

  • The only time you stop doing CustDev is when there’s absolutely nothing you’re learning from it anymore (like…never)
  • The best place to do your CustDev is where your customer is buying/using your product
  • Adjust.co and Mixpanel are a must have for growing a mobile app.
  • As a founder, get rid of your ego! It’s leading you straight into failure

Thanks Nikky!


Basic Statistics and AB testing – Evening – Sharon Klaassen

Sharon Klaassen EDITED

Statistics play a vital role in Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B Testing. I read one time that you can’t make bread if you don’t know where wheat comes from. Sheron Klaassen from I <3 Statistics was here to explain everything about statistical wheat. She took the students by the hand on explaining the basics, the intermediates and a more advanced look at statistics. After the session students had a strong grasp on the concepts and could engage in discussions around sample sizes, standard deviations, statistical significance and so much more..

Some of the key takeaways:

  • Statistics are actually not that hardScreen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.30.43
  • A growth hacker usually only uses a few simple principles to verify the significance of his/her AB tests

Thanks Sharon & I <3 Statistics!


Esther Gons – Visual Thinking

Esther Gons EDITED

Esther Gons runs the startup studio NEXT where she invests in and helps startups hands-on to reach product-market fit. She’s also a front-runner on visual thinking and helped us with the important task of building a visual alphabet that would help the teams get their messages across to their bosses, co-workers and stakeholders.

Some of the key takeaways:

  1. It is so much easier to get your ideas across to your team, boss, stakeholders visually than in writing.
  2. Our brains were built for images, not words: “Everyone IS a visual learner”
  3. Only when you see, can you make it happennext logo
  4. Listen, synthesize, visualize

Thanks Esther & NEXT!


Learnings & inspiration were sky-high thanks to our awesome guest speakers.

We’d love for all of you to come back to our upcoming academies and share some more awesomeness with us!



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