Top 20 Giggle-Inducing Tweets From The 1st Growth Tribe Academy

Growth Tribe Academy

Twitter feeds can be so addictive… Especially when you have such an interactive audience… <Looking at you>. We managed to scroll all the way to October, 2015. Some of the tweets cracked us up, so we decided to share them with you. Some of them are noteworthy, some of them are funny and some of them made us go “wha?”… So to make this intro short, we give you our Top 20 Giggle-Inducing Tweets from the 1st Growth Tribe Academy! (that was a mouthful…) (1) (2) (3) This picture bugs me… Get it? #dadjokes (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) Work hard – party harder, am I right? (9) (10) Amen. (11) (12) Ping. (13) You gotta have your priorities straight. (14) (15) (16)
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Nobody Cares About Your Marketing Degree

Marketing Degree

  Web-scraping ring a bell?   Any idea what an actionable Google Analytics setup looks like?   Have you tried implementing Segment?   How many A/B tests have you run in your career?   Can you query a database without relying on a developer?     —–   Now. We see this developing into two scenarios:   1. You answered all of these without skipping a heartbeat. In this case, we don’t wanna jinx it, but we might have a potential growth hacker on our hands… Stay right there! Don’t move. We’ll send someone to get you.   2. You don’t know what any of those words mean… but guess what? That’s ok too.   Here’s a controversial statement for
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“If you move – you grow. It’s f*cking hard, but it works.”

Startup Growth

Founding a startup in today’s oversaturated market is hard. Figuring out startup growth is even harder. Your genius product is far from enough to make it in today’s tech jungle. It’s the magic you choose to add to it that’ll make the difference. We brought TransferWise and Stripe’s growth experts in to deliver their “How to rock the startup scene 101s”.   Here’s how these bad-boys deal with startup growth.   If you can’t be bothered to read, these are for you:   Now.   Growth Tribe brought these two rockstars to Amsterdam’s growth hacking scene for a fun yet insightful evening of conversations on startup growth, culture, mission, innovation and other cool stuff.   But who are these people?  
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BRASS Method: Your Guide To Prioritising Which Customer Acquisition Channel To Test

Customer Acquisition

There are hundreds of customer acquisition channels out there. If not thousands. What I’ve learned after helping small, medium and large companies at Growth Tribe is that to find your silver bullet, you need to start testing early.. and you need to test fast. Having said that, where do you start? A team’s scarcest resource is usually time… so knowing which channel to focus on first is of the essence. In this article I’ll share a method (as well as all the templates and a step by step guide) I developed over the course of the last few years called the BRASS Method. It’s a simple step-by-step guide to brainstorming and then identifying which channels you should start testing right away. It’s been tested
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Are you the Execution-Driven, Meticulous Operations Chief that Growth Tribe’s looking for?

If planning, schedules, structure, organization and hustle don’t turn you on, don’t bother reading the rest and close this page. <pause> <pause> You’re reading on, awesome! If you’re also looking to join a kick-ass team of masterminds with an unmistaken mission to build Europe’s smartest Growth Hacking Academy… Growth Tribe could be THE place for you! As Operations Manager of Growth Tribe you’ll be responsible for managing resources, planning and overseeing our entire delivery process. Also, curriculum creation, execution processes, ensuring and facilitating effective team communication and collaboration will be on your pledge.   Growth Tribe Is… ..Europe’s first Growth Hacking Academy! We’re backed by the Universities of Amsterdam (UvA, VU, HvA), Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE), Facebook, Peak Capital
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Are You The Whiz-Bang Content Marketing Intern Growth Tribe’s Looking For?

Are You The Whiz-Bang Content Marketing Intern Growth Tribe’s Looking For? If Copy, Digital Media, Blogs, Infographics, Articles and Videos don’t turn you on, don’t bother reading the rest and close this page. <pause> <pause> You’re reading on, awesome! Do you want to come and support us for at least 6 months and soak up all the knowledge you can? We’re on a mission to make startups and everyone else thrive in a way they haven’t seen before. So if you wanna be part of laying the foundation for the skill that everyone’s looking for, you’ve stumbled upon the right job post. If no-bullshit mentality, voracious learner, humble personality, self-ironic, risk taker, analyst, creative describes you…then you’ve definitely come to the
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A Big Thank You To Growth Tribe’s Expert Power-Session Speakers

  BOOM! Our 1st Growth Tribe Academy came to an end within a blink of an eye. The experience was amazing both to us and our participants. Energy was sky-high, motivation never fainted and group dynamics were uplifting! Not to mention all the wins we gained for the participating startups… Evening sessions were part of our curriculum. We brought in experts from all fields…18 individuals & duos came over to make their kick-ass knowledge & skills available to our participants…So here’s a big shout out… See what we were up to in the evenings, what we learned and who the masterminds were teaching us.   Bob Jansen – Experiment Design  Designing experiments is a cornerstone of any effective growth hacking process.
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Introducing Europe’s First Ever Growth Hacking Academy

4 Months ago we launched Europe’s First Ever Growth Hacking Academy. After a very successful first cohort, we’re about to embark on the second class which begin in March 2016. Before we do so I thought I’d share with you the slide deck which we used to present the Academy to our Partners and participants. I help outline why we launched this academy and what our philosophy is. Growth Tribe Academy – Europe’s 1st Growth Hacking Academy from GrowthTribe If you’re interested in joining a future batch, the Academy is a full-time live offline high intensity course that offers full immersion in high growth startups. It takes place in Amsterdam and you can find all the details about the academy
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