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My 1st growth hack 🙂

At Growth Tribe new starters are asked about their first growth hack. So after being here 3 months, I decided it was now time to write about mine.

What are your favourite growth hacking methods?

My personal favourite form of growth hacking involves combining different tools. I am currently experimenting with YouTube and a Google Chrome Extension to boost subscriptions. You can hear about this extension in this video here

The first time I tried combining two different tools, I had a problem with a long sales funnel. It would take me 3-6 months from first contact with a lead to converting them as a client of my digital agency.

I would pitch in presentations, explain in meetings, take many calls and send a ton of emails explaining the benefits of digital marketing. The problem was that it would take ages for the client to see the value in digital marketing (to see the WOW moment).

It was especially a problem for B2B clients who had established, traditional sales & marketing techniques. In particular, this was problematic within niche industries that had the ‘old boys network’ way of doing business.

This took an immense amount of time, money and energy. I racked my brain for the answer. It became clear that my approach was not digital it was traditional sales using digital communication. If I wanted to sell digital – I had to show digital.

When we talk about the Pirate Funnel at Growth Tribe we place emphasis on the importance of your WOW moment. The hold the phone, jaw dropping, I can’t believe I haven’t used this beforeI’m an idiotshut up and take my money moment!

So, I was trying to win a new client in a very niche market (“energy”) and their marketing strategy had all the usual suspects.
An international company spending most of their budget developing regional sales teams.

The plan —>

The strategy I was advocating focused on improving their digital marketing to provide qualified web leads to their international sales teams. My strategy had three key parts.

  • Optimise the company website for “adaptability/mobile/responsiveness” and SEO
  • Improve reporting and data collection
  • Turn their website into a valuable growth tool for the business

They are lucky in that they are a well known company surrounded by competitors with eye gouging(ly) horrible websites which looked like unpaid interns with a grudge had designed them.

So I knew (having done competitor analysis) that if I could improve those 3 aspects above I could outperform their closest competitors online (money, money, money).  

But first I needed to show the digital marketing WOW moment to finally put an end to this back and forth sales process.

THE *WOW* Moment

I decided that I could wow the client by showing a simple way to solve two pains they were having on a daily basis.

  1. They would send quotes off and have no idea if their potential client viewed the quote.
  2. Not tracking web leads meant that they couldn’t request digital budget from their management team

Getting to the WOW. (what I did next)….

Step 1) Setup a password protected area on my website for the client

Step 2) Built an interactive, engaging short proposal using timeline and integrated it into the webpage

Step 3) Installed Hotjar on the website (video tracking) on the client area using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Step 4) Installed Communigator lead tracking onto the backend of my website (GTM)

Step 5) Included a big CTA (Call to action) button on the page – ‘How much will this cost me?’  – which linked to a downloadable spreadsheet detailing the project costs.

Step 6) The lead generation tool allowed me to set up a personalised URL (PURLs) using my contacts email addresses as the unique identifier. This gave me a unique link to send to the client.

Step 7) I emailed the client the unique tracking link (using the gmail extension Streak I can see when someone opens my email and how many times they viewed the email)

Next steps- Let’s go!! 


  • When they clicked on the link I received an alert (good start)
  • I then went to Hotjar to see if they logged in
  • I saw that they had trouble with the password by watching the first recording (case sensitive passwords!)
  • So, I fired another email to the client ‘don’t forget the password is uppercase X’
  • They clicked back on the link in the email – I got notified again (back on track)
  • Successful login!
  • I can see that they looked at the page and viewed each step of the presentation!
  • But! They didn’t scroll down enough to see the big Call To Action – ‘Download Quote’ (Insert socially acceptable word to express despair)
  • Jackpot. The lead generation tool captured exactly the type of information that my potential client needs to qualify sales leads:

    • Location
    • Company overview
    • Type of company (supplier/competitor)
    • Annual turnover
    • Names and titles of decision makers broken down into departments (find a decision maker)
    • How many pages they clicked on/ what pages they spent time on
    • Where they came from (referral traffic).
    • Decision maker emails (for 50p)


THE BIG Frickin’ WOW moment

Final step – I emailed the client the Hotjar recording and a screen capture of the company information I collected on them in the lead generation tool;

With 1 question –

  1. Is the information I have collected about your company correct?

We have the wow!

  • The client can see how powerful these digital marketing tools are!
  • The client can see the immediate benefit to international sales teams!

Result = client signs onto a monthly retainer by the end of the week.


What it cost me…

  • Free trial with the lead generation tool = £0
  • Free trial with Hotjar = £0
  • Timeline tool =£0
  • 1 email and 1 phone call to finalise contract (already paid for)
  • Time = about half a day (£120 of billable hours)
  • Using the website CMS to create the landing page
  • Streak = Free google mail extension
  • I learnt to be careful of below the fold content – not to put my quote CTA below the fold.


My favourite offline growth hack:

Tinder sending Whitney Wolfe to sororities to up-sell Tinder and getting the sorority girls to download the app. Then strolling over to the fraternities and showing the chaps all the girls they can date on Tinder.

How I stay up to date with new tools?

What was your first growth hack?  Send us a message

Thanks for reading!