Author: David Arnoux

The World’s Only Growth and AI Traineeship – Preparing the Next Generation of Talent for a Fast Changing World

We just launched the world’s only Growth and AI Traineeship, but what is it? and why does it matter? The world is changing fast, it’s exciting. Technology is driving the change and evolving the business landscape. But as technology drives change, in order to stay relevant we must keep up. Your skill-set must evolve in parallel with the change. Are you prepared? Has university equipped you with the skills required? Is your employer investing in your continuous development? Let’s see. Do you know SEO? Email? SEM? Social Media? UX? UI? Prototyping? Funnel Marketing? CRO? AB Testing? HTML? CSS? Lead...

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What is direct marketing?

What is direct marketing? In this article we’ll answer the question “what is direct marketing?” Let’s start with a super simple definition: “Direct marketing is when a company, product, service or organisation connects directly with the end user” Direct marketing usually applies to product and service oriented companies, as well as to non-profit organisations. Direct marketing describes any form of direct communication with and end user or customer as opposed to it’s counterpart “mass marketing” which aims to cast a wide net. The Wall Street Journal recently argued that mass marketing will eventually die. The most efficient direct marketing occurs when there...

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How To Generate Leads using Twitter

Why generate leads using twitter ? In this article we’ll show you how to generate leads using twitter… If you are beginning a lead generation campaign, generating leads on Twitter can be a great place to start experiment with. We’d argue you should be able to test this idea out in 2 weeks or less. Knowing how to pull leads from the conversations that occur on this platform requires some knowledge and exercise but thanks to the niche audiences and communities that take part in Twitter chats, it’s an excellent place to generate leads for your business. You will find business- and topic specific chats that...

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Why 90% of your experiments shouldn’t last longer than 2 weeks

  (If you’re too lazy to read.. tl;dr Experiments should be time-boxed to 2-weeks and to 1-month for larger or more rigid organisations.)   Time-boxed experiments We run our company with an experiment-driven approach. I also like to call it an “evidence-based approach”. We treat almost everything as an experiment: New business models Hiring Customer acquisition Referral programmes New pricing models Conversion rate optimization Revenue models* New products* *Note: It might seem impossible to test something like a new revenue model or new products in 2 weeks. We often rely on early signals (also know as early indicators) to validate...

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BRASS Method: Your Guide To Prioritising Which Customer Acquisition Channel To Test

There are hundreds of customer acquisition channels out there. If not thousands. What I’ve learned after helping small, medium and large companies at Growth Tribe is that to find your silver bullet, you need to start testing early.. and you need to test fast. Having said that, where do you start? A team’s scarcest resource is usually time… so knowing which channel to focus on first is of the essence. In this article I’ll share a method (as well as all the templates and a step by step guide) I developed over the course of the last few years called the BRASS...

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