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Academy #5 – Meet the Startups!

Today, September the 4th, marks the kick-off day for our FIFTH 3-Month Growth Hacking Academy – a 12 week program designed to give our 18 selected future growth hackers the skills and experience they need to become growth experts! This year, six unique startups have come on board to work alongside our candidates and achieve the growth they desire. Coming from a number of backgrounds and fields, our startups represent industries like health, fitness, fintech, event management, design.. the list goes on! However different in product and practice, all our startups are keen to learn how to implement the growth process...

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Marketing Automation Tools, Content Marketing Tools & AI Content Creation – Growth Insights #4

Aaaand we’re back! Welcome to Growth Insights episode #4 – the series for which we have our team test the latest tools, tricks and tips and share the results with you. Want to stay ahead of the growth game? Then keep reading! In this episode we’ll talk about influencer marketing, lead scoring, content creation with AI, video content, marketing automation tools, attribution, the data economy, spying on competitor email campaigns, and we’ll touch on how growth hacking has infiltrated the world of politics – we’re looking at you, Macron 😉 Stay tuned for a wealth of growth tools, black hat tactics and treasured resources, all here in the latest instalment of Growth Insights! Let’s kick of with some pure ‘made-in-china’ black hat tactics – ever heard of ‘click farms’? Neither had we until we watched this video of a group of low-paid workers hired to generate traffic by clicking links on thousands of devices at one time.. Crazy right? But now let’s continue with some tools..   Tool #1: Lumen5 Shoutout to Camiel from Kandoor for introducing us to this gem – we’ve been obsessing over it all week! Want to get into video but don’t have the resources? Lumen lets you transform blog posts and articles into beautiful videos within seconds – literally. Try it out!   Tool #2: Quuu Promote Coming up with engaging content is one...

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Youtube SEO: 4 Tools For Higher Youtube Ranking in 2017

Did you know that 5 billion videos are watched every single day on Youtube? And that Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world ? Youtube is a huge untapped traffic source for most marketers and it’s a lot less competitive than traditional SEO. Also, Google loves videos and will display them in search including rich snippets that can drive more clicks and raise awareness for your brand. Fortunately, there are tools to help you get a chunk of this traffic and leverage the power of Youtube. So let’s take a look at some tools that will...

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Growth Marketing Tools, Techniques & Secrets for 2017 – Growth Insights #3

Hello growth obsessed people and welcome back to GROWTH INSIGHTS! You’re in for a treat as the third instalment of this jam-packed series is categorically BRIMMING over with the latest tools, articles, books, tactics and tips – so sit back, relax, and brace yourself for maximum growth impact! This episode is all about paid social, teaching yourself machine learning and of course, a little bit of VR to wrap things up. As promised, a new Growth Insights video will be published every two to three weeks, so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date!   We’ll kick of this episode with some Paid Social.. This week’s tool is called AdJelly and it’s a collection of all online ad sizes – bookmark this free tool right away and there’ll be no more sifting through the mental maze of ad sizes online – it’s all here!   Now let’s continue with some social media.. Thanks to Abdul for recommending…   Tool #2: Use this tool to connect your Facebook and your Twitter posts and watch as it analyzes your engagement stats based on those posts and recommends content you should post It also scores the posts you’re actually about to share which is pretty nifty! We’re currently testing it for effectiveness over time so stay tuned for the results   Tool #3: Quentin shared this little gem...

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Growth Marketing Tools, Techniques & Secrets for 2017 – Growth Insights #2

Welcome back to our GROWTH INSIGHTS series! In this video and blog series we’ll take a look at the latest tools, techniques, trends, articles and more that have gotten our team and community all hot under the collar these past few weeks..   This episode is all about untapped channels, psychographic personas, growth hacking tools and of course a little bit of AI. As promised, a new Growth Insights video will be published every two to three weeks, so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date! …….. Let’s kick off with some traffic generation channels! We know that channels decay over time, they become more expensive and saturated as consumers develop a stronger attentional filter. So we’re always on the lookout for fresh new channels to experiment with – let’s look at a few:   Snapchat Geofilters  ..are pretty new on the scene so they’re still quite virgin. We’re testing this exciting new development in house this week so expect an update on how we got on in the next episode. While you’re waiting though, here’s a full guide to get you started on creating your own geofilters.    Influencer Marketing Arron, Steph and Bob, three of our 3-Month Academy participants that are working with Tripaneer have recommended this channel that’s definitely worth testing. Influencer marketing is basically where you leverage the network...

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