Are You The Growth Hacking Consultant / Practitioner Ready to Educate the Next-Gen of Growth Hackers?

If giving delicious AND nutritious workshops, teaching, digital marketing and public speaking don’t turn you on and you’re not experienced in digital marketing / growth hacking, don’t bother reading the rest..just close this page.



You’re reading on, awesome!


Do you want to come and support us as we deliver amazing action-packed growth hacking workshops in the Netherlands and across Europe for startups, freelancers and corporates?

We’re on a mission to make startups and everyone else thrive in a way they haven’t seen before. So if you wanna be part of laying the foundation for the skill that everyone’s looking for, you’ve stumbled upon the right job post.

If this describes you: No-bullshit mentality, awesome speaker, loves to teach, voracious learner, humble personality, self-ironic, great story teller, risk taker, analyst, creative…then you’ve definitely come to the right address!


Your Daily Grind

This is what your view will look like most days. You’re the trainer.


trainer view 2



Lots & lots of empowering other people…

You’ll be leading growth hacking training courses for startups, marketers, freelancers and corporate clients. You’ll be traveling quite a bit, because we have international clients and give workshops all over Europe and the world.

Here’s what one student had to say about our course:

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.19.28

Your Smarts

  • Amazing public speaker
  • Amazing communicator with godly soft skills. People just really like you.
  • Knowledge of the lean startup, customer discovery and validating assumptions
  • Experience with digital marketing and growth hacking
  • Experience with giving workshops at a corporate level
  • Very digitally savvy. You’ll have to train others on how to use a large amount of tools and online techniques.


Your Texture

  • You love communicating in English (non-native with awesome English works)
  • You love public speaking!
  • You know how to tell great stories!
  • You absolutely love communicating with others and teaching others
  • Love to travel, a lot of our workshops take place abroad
  • You can handle tough questions even when you don’t know the answer
  • You learn super super fast. We’ll be teaching you tons of online digital tricks, skills and tools.
  • You’ve hunted down a Bachelor Degree in Digital Marketing, Communications or something along those lines
  • You heart skips a beat when you hear “tech”, “startup scene” & “animated GIFs of fuzzy cats”
  • You looove execution just like we do! Have a positive can-do mentality, and work fast. If you don’t know something, Google is your answer
  • You take your work seriously, but not yourself
  • You’ve a passion for education
  • You’re a self-sufficient team player
  • You’re available full-time

See what the big guys think of us for yourself…

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 18.20.52

Here are some of the workshops we deliver

  • 3-month Growth Hacking Academy
  • Growth hacking courses for corporate clients
  • 2-day Growth Hacking Crash Course
  • 2-day advanced Growth Hacking Crash Course
  • Multiple Growth Hacking Meetup Events


Your Bounty

  • Access to training with the brightest minds in the ecosystem
  • Access to The Netherlands’ fastest growing startup network
  • An awesome team and lots of banter
  • A license to develop in the fields you want
  • Again, an awesome team! Period!
  • Cool office!
  • Competitive salary and bonus structures


Growth Tribe Is…

… Europe’s first Growth Hacking Academy! We’re backed by the Universities of Amsterdam (UvA, VU, HvA), Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE), Facebook, Peak Capital and Catawiki.

We offer growth hacking workshops, train growth hackers & help companies create growth engines. Growth Tribe is a collective of experienced growth hackers, lean marketers, data scientists and traction experts.

Did we tickle your fancy? Well… what are you waiting for, apply! Hit us up with an email to attach your linkedin profile, CV and a 2 minute introductory video of yourself.

We can’t wait to meet you!