Growth Tribe is redefining education through continuous curriculum deployment to deliver highly-practical fast-paced learning experiences.

Growth Tribe launched in 2015, empowering people and companies to rapidly gain skills in a fast-changing world. We created Europe’s first growth hacking academy and have grown internationally since then.

We train companies and professionals on skills of the future such as ‘Data-driven growth marketing’ or ‘A.I. without code’. We’ve trained more than 2700+ people so far for 600+ corporates, SMBs, startups and freelancers.

Some stuff we’re proud of:

  • Our courses get an average rating of 9,3/10 (this is high for the world of adult education).
  • In 2015 we launched Europe’s first Growth Hacking Academy. We are backed by the Universities of Amsterdam (UvA, VU, HvA), StartupAmsterdam and Facebook.
  • We’re a fully bootstrapped company that grew from 2 to 26 people without external investors.
  • We’ve launched the world’s 1st A.I. for Marketing & Growth course in which you can learn machine learning without code.
  • We’re building the future of education through our philosophy of “continuous data-driven curriculum deployment” and fast-paced learning style.

Our Courses

2-Day Growth Hacking Crash Course

 Get your growth hacking driver’s license in 2 days. 2 days, 30 exercises to cover the mindset, the process, the skills, tools and tactics.

6-Week Growth Hacking Evening/Morning Course

Become a growth hacker with an in-depth 6-evening or 6-morning course. Master the mindset, methodology, tools, skills and tricks supported by individual coaching throughout the week.

A.I. for Marketing & Growth Course 

Learn to intuitively understand and apply A.I. in 2 days without coding. The course includes predictive analytics, psychographic personas, clustering/customization, natural language processing and image recognition.

Growth Tribe Academy 

Join a 3-month, full-time growth hacking academy in Amsterdam. You’ll be in a team of 3 people, work in a real startup, receive 16 days of training and run experiments inside the startup to improve key metrics. Training includes analytics, digital marketing, machine learning, marketing automation, behavioural psychology and UX.

In-house coaching 

Embed growth and rapid experimentation within the DNA of your team or company during our modular training/coaching programs. We’ll train and transform your teams on the mindset, process, tools and tactics necessary for data-driven growth.

6-Month Growth & A.I. Traineeship 

A 6-month, full-time growth hacking and A.I. Traineeship in Amsterdam.