65 Pick Up Lines For Growth Hackers

PickUp Lines

On a particularly scorching day in Amsterdam, the team at Growth Tribe got a touch too creative. Our growth hacker, Job Rietbergen, to be exact.

Pick Up Lines For Growth Hackers

And thus, the fun began…


After coming up with a handful of pick up lines by ourselves, David suggested we release the idea into the world to see what the hive mind thinks about it. We asked “What pick up lines for growth hackers can you come up with?” on LinkedIn, Facebook, Inbound, Medium, Quora and Twitter. We were not disappointed..


So now. We give you.



(we’re sorry in advance)


Do you wanna see my heat map?

Let me put you in my cluster..

What’s your bounce rate?

Can I scrape your number?

You are in my funnel!

Do you wanna go into hard data right away or first do some soft data?

Do you want to receive some gentle push notifications?

According to Mixpanel you are highly likely to convert.

What’s your customer acquisition cost?

Are you okay with doing an A/B test?

Let me install a snippet in your <body>..

I would love to screen record you..

Do you wanna scrape my web?

Is it you or is my Hotjar on fire?

What’s your pay per click rate?

Can I land on your page?

You make my heat map extra hot…

How big is your data set?

How many touch points you need to convert?

How long is your loading time?

I need to do some user testing…

Can you inspect my hard data?

Would you like to join my soft launch?

Wanna see my long tail strategy?

I’m going to optimize your WOW moment…

Can I usability test your heat map?

Can I optimize your funnel?

This triggered my organic growth..

Can I retarget you with my pixel?

Stop with all those push notifications!

I’m exploring channels, let’s do some competitor piggybacking..


Pick Up Lines For Growth Hackers


We clearly got overexcited.. And these 30+ master pieces only came from us!

There were more to come from fellow growth hackers though.


Hey baby, why don’t you go for a man with some real LTV.. – Til van Sluisveld

Hey girl, you work in seo? Cause you are definitely top of my list. Alex Ho

You passed the QA test the moment you walked in. – Alex Ho

Wanna come home and see my link collection? I feel like you and i have a scalable future… – Chris Kleis Rasmussen

I like your persona. – Teddi Sweeney

Are you happy to see me or is that just a disruptive growth trend in your pocket? – Thijs Loggen

Can I get into your funnel? – Emile Bosch

Do you enjoy my user experience? – Floris Fontane Pennock

My funnel or yours? – Phillippe Vanderhoydonck

Is it too early for engagement? – Mia Fazecas

Let’s hit my dashboard. – Mia Fazecas

Lemme show you my huge sentiment peak… – Mia Fazecas

Can you whitelist my url? – Ben van Duijn

Did you just hack my VPS? – Ben van Duijn

Want to experience my happy flow? – Dhananjaya D’Lima

Want to subscribe to my Mailchimp acquisition list? – Hugo Pereira

Oh damn, you just made my tribe grow… – Guido Janssen

Shall we go to my place right away or are you into retargeting and should I walk by one more time? – Guido Janssen

I have over 500 positive recommendations from people just like you. – Guido Janssen

I want to analyze you, one segment at a time. – Teletext.io

Is that opportunity of unparalleled growth in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? – Paul Varga

I can’t wait to onboard you.. – Pulkit Agrawal

Pimp my WOW baby! – Anonymous

How long is your loading time? – Anonymous

Damn girl, you look like a winning variant! – Elvis M.

Is your name AIDA? Because you brought me from attention to action in no time. – Elvis M.

Can you name one showstopper for us to deploy this experiment? – Elvis M.

When I see you, I finally understand what “hockey stick” growth rate means. – Elvis M.

We could start with a handshake and scale it up from there.. – Elvis M.

You’re looking kinda SAASsy, girl! – Saulo Sobanski

Be careful, because I’m noticing an organic growth right now.. – Saulo Sobanski

Time for a split test… – The Full Stack Marketeer

Know a friend we could do an A/B test with? – Laurent Carnaille

My data driven approach is indicating our LTV and retention will go through the roof! – SachinUppa


Pick Up Lines For Growth Hackers



Which one was your favorite? Every single one? Same. 😀

Feel free to add your geekiest pick up lines to the list as well!


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