Growth Marketing Tools, Techniques & Secrets for 2017 – Growth Insights #2

Welcome back to our GROWTH INSIGHTS series! In this video and blog series we’ll take a look at the latest tools, techniques, trends, articles and more that have gotten our team and community all hot under the collar these past few weeks..   This episode is all about untapped channels, psychographic personas, growth hacking tools and of course a little bit of AI. As promised, a new Growth Insights video will be published every two to three weeks, so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date!   …….. Let’s kick off with some traffic generation channels! We know that channels decay over time, they become more expensive and saturated as consumers develop a stronger
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‘Lean’ On Yourself: Experiment Your Way To An Awesome Life

A scientific and practical approach to getting the most out of your life   Of course, we all want to live an awesome life. But most of us are so comfortable in our everyday routine that we often don’t fulfil our potential. The reason why we don’t push ourselves to be better than average could be because of lack of perseverance, avoiding failure or a lost sense of urgency. Our time is valuable. Life is too short to be mediocre. And everyone knows that stagnation means decline. In order live a better life you must become the best version of yourself. But how? Here is a funny thought: what if you would live life like a startup? It may sound
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How To Build a Back-End in 1 hour, spending 0$, without coding skills.

I recently applied to the 4th edition of the Growth Tribe Academy, a 3-month full-time course where you can learn Growth Hacking in Amsterdam. During the selection process, I was given a Challenge in order to test my execution power. I chose to challenge myself on preventing cyberbullying (all the topics were about good causes, btw you can apply this on your own project as well if what you need is to match users’ profile and put them in contact). I did some research and talked with some people who manage Facebook groups against cyber bullying and I realised that it’s not only about photo leaks of V.I.P.s. In fact, cyberbullying it’s way bigger than that. This is a real
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The 3 Most Powerful Ways to use Videos for Retargeting

Video has taken online marketing by storm – more and more marketers are becoming aware of this powerful content format and are quickly hopping on board the video trend. But you’ll have to do more than just producing videos to realise its full potential.     Why should you be using videos you ask? According to Adobe, shoppers that view videos are 1.81 times more likely to purchase than non-video viewers. Using Videos for your retargeting campaigns can therefore be very effective and offer you to target a bigger audience and get the most out of your video content. Not only Facebook offers awesome Video Retargeting techniques, awesome results can also be achieved with Wistia and YouTube, which we introduce
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Growth Hacking Secrets for 2017 – Growth Insights Video #1

The Growth Insights series is our new jam-packed, fast-paced video format in which we’ll introduce you to the Growth Tools, Tactics, Articles, and Growth Hacking Secrets for 2017. This is your chance to dive into the brains of our growth team.   We’ll publish a new Growth Insights video every 2 to 3 weeks so be sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss out on the most relevant developments in regards to all things growth     In this first video, David runs us through some articles, tools, books and events that have dazzled our team.   Growth Hacking Secrets for 2017 – Our favorite Growth Tools: – “It’s not AB – it’s AI” This tool is
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Top 15 Graphs (and Images) to understand Feb 2017

If you missed previous editions here they are: Top graphs of 2016 | Top graphs of Jan 2017 At Growth Tribe we’re obsessed with data. Here’s a roundup of the top graphs and images that got my attention in Feb 2017. 1. This is how many days a year you have to run experiments (Source: ) 2. It’s official.. our attention spans are affecting everything Yeah this isn’t a graph, but this says a lot about us. Your clients, customers, visitors have very short attention spans. (Source: ) 3. Big kids don’t go outside anymore Admit it… neither do you 😉 This is what big kids do during their summer break. (Source: ) 4. This guy tracked all his
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Why 90% of your experiments shouldn’t last longer than 2 weeks

  (If you’re too lazy to read.. tl;dr Experiments should be time-boxed to 2-weeks and to 1-month for larger or more rigid organisations.)   Time-boxed experiments We run our company with an experiment-driven approach. I also like to call it an “evidence-based approach”. We treat almost everything as an experiment: New business models Hiring Customer acquisition Referral programmes New pricing models Conversion rate optimization Revenue models* New products* *Note: It might seem impossible to test something like a new revenue model or new products in 2 weeks. We often rely on early signals (also know as early indicators) to validate the riskiest aspects of new ideas. Of course this sometimes leads to false positives or false negatives, so experiments that rely
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Growth Tribe 4: Meet The Start-ups


So we’ve recently kicked off our 4th Growth Tribe Academy, introducing 18 high-potentials to the world of Growth Hacking! This year six local start-ups have come on board to welcome our candidates in teams of 3, to grow their companies. Travel, fitness, even home brewing, we’ve got startups from so many exciting different industries. What these startups have in common though is their insatiable lust for new practices and willingness to try something different. Let’s take a look at the future industry leaders our Academy candidates will be working with:   CAMARILLA – The world’s smallest social network! Say bye to like, comment & follower hunting! Camarilla, just recently launched, has introduced the world’s smallest social network. 15 people, that’s
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Tribe Expert Interview Series #2 | Harmen Visscher

Ever wondered how Catawiki grew so fast?! 45000% in 4 years…! Last week Thursday we hosted the 1st Growth Hackers Amsterdam Meetup at our brand new space, the Growth Tribe Campus. As if that weren’t special enough, we were also beyond ecstatic to welcome Catawiki’s CMO, Harmen Visscher. He managed to squeeze us into his packed calendar for the talk and even had time for a beer while talking with our applicants about tools and hacks. In a jam-packed room, Harmen spoke about Catawiki’s early beginnings as a special object auction house, their growth strategy and the ability to enter new markets within a few days. Before the meetup kicked off, we dwelled on the usual stuff we’re obsessed about:
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Tribe Expert Interview Series #1 | Bob Jansen

September 5th marked the official kick-off of the 3rd Growth Tribe Academy! We are beyond excited for the new batch of young professionals, new exciting startups and the absolutely amazing guest lectures that we’re about to witness. Growth Tribe is proud of bringing in truly inspiring people in the past: masters of their craft, natural educators and simply awesome people to learn from. This time is definitely not an exception… On the very first day, we had the pleasure to listen to Bob Jansen, founder of FirmHouse and Skill Nation. Bob gave an amazing talk on the Lean Startup and Experiment Design. He also shared the story of how he and his team scored big (400,000+ leads kind of big) during the
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Growth Tribe Academy #3: 8 Startups Take The Stage

Growth Tribe Academy

Wondering who the 8 startups are that start our 3-Month Growth Hacking Academy? No, Yes? Buckle up, then! Cause this 3rd Growth Hacking Academy is ready to kick off with a bang. We have more applicants, more startups and a brand new office. You’ve already read about our eager participants in our last blog and if you didn’t (not judging) you can still catch up here. We’ve got eight startups who are hustling to become the biggest player in their field and you may know one or two so get ready for the breakdown. BUT first… Let’s talk about little (read: BIG) changes… Each startup will have an in-house employee that will be joining the Growth Tribe Academy. As we
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Growth Tribe Academy #3: The Countdown Has Begun

Growth Tribe Academy 3

It’s that time of year… In precisely 10 days, the Growth Tribe Academy will open its doors to the 3rd batch of growth hustlers! And boy, what a batch we have this time! BUT FIRST: a bit of reflection.   1st Growth Tribe Academy The first academy quickly became a massive hit right after we announced it. We received a whopping 885 applications, out of which 420 made it to the second round. The applications came in from all around the world: Europe, the USA, Russia and 43 countries in total including Singapore, Iran, Argentina, Latvia and Serbia. In the end, we selected the cream of the crop: 21 amazing marketers, coders, designers and data scientists that were ready to embark
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What’s a Growth Team and How To Build One

Growth Team

Every startup out there is crying out for growth hackers, but the question is: will they know what to do with them once they’re hired? Do companies know how to build a powerful, execution-driven growth team? The momentum for growth teams is big. Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Spotify, Google and all the big guys have incorporated growth teams into their organizations, often from the very start. The rest are in a hurry to follow. Success & cross-disciplinary growth teams – is there a correlation? We’ll let you connect the dots… Let’s start by clarifying what a growth team is. As Brian Balfour puts it, “a growth team is a small, versatile, focused, data driven and aggressive group of unique individuals, who
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65 Pick Up Lines For Growth Hackers

PickUp Lines

On a particularly scorching day in Amsterdam, the team at Growth Tribe got a touch too creative. Our growth hacker, Job Rietbergen, to be exact. And thus, the fun began…   After coming up with a handful of pick up lines by ourselves, David suggested we release the idea into the world to see what the hive mind thinks about it. We asked “What pick up lines for growth hackers can you come up with?” on LinkedIn, Facebook, Inbound, Medium, Quora and Twitter. We were not disappointed..   So now. We give you.   65 PICK UP LINES FOR GROWTH HACKERS! (we’re sorry in advance)   Do you wanna see my heat map? Let me put you in my cluster..
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What Is Growth Hacking? Back To Basics.

What Is Growth Hacking

  What is Growth Hacking?   A term that’s been sweeping the nation. And if you’re in the marketing industry, this is not something you can ignore… Especially when there’s direct proof of its popularity:     The term was coined by Sean Ellis back in 2010 and many field experts have already shared their stances on this topic. But there’s a wave of future growth hackers, growth marketers, technical marketers (whatever-you-want-to-call-it) to be – asking “What is Growth Hacking?”.   This is your introduction to Growth Hacking.   We have entered a new era. An era, where walls between data analysis, coding and marketing have dissolved. An era, where large marketing campaigns have been replaced by a mindset of
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How To Imprint Growth Into Your Company’s DNA

Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking, Growth Marketing, etc. All buzzwords. But. Whether you’re a VP, a manager, or a startup founder, your true north is always growth. Preferably 10 x Growth. Or at least, you should aim for that magnitude, otherwise, we hate to break it to you – you’re gonna flop very fast, very soon.   Talk about the unicorn you’re gonna become. Not the donkey you are today.   Robert Gaal, Managing Director at TQ     Your team plays a huge (if not defining) role in achieving the growth you so desire. In fact, if you’ve been hiring wisely, your team desires growth just as much as you do. We can’t stress enough how FRIKKIN’ important it is to have
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Are You The Growth Hacking Consultant / Practitioner Ready to Educate the Next-Gen of Growth Hackers?

If giving delicious AND nutritious workshops, teaching, digital marketing and public speaking don’t turn you on and you’re not experienced in digital marketing / growth hacking, don’t bother reading the rest..just close this page. <pause> <pause> You’re reading on, awesome!   Do you want to come and support us as we deliver amazing action-packed growth hacking workshops in the Netherlands and across Europe for startups, freelancers and corporates? We’re on a mission to make startups and everyone else thrive in a way they haven’t seen before. So if you wanna be part of laying the foundation for the skill that everyone’s looking for, you’ve stumbled upon the right job post. If this describes you: No-bullshit mentality, awesome speaker, loves to
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